“ Who I Am ” by Alenei

Alenei is a baroque pop artist writing pretty melancholic songs. Ever wondered what it would sound like to step into the sunset reflecting in a fountain? That’s pretty much how I would describe my music.
 Not easily compared – I would best do it to Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Sufjan Stevens.
I started to perform this year in my hometown and surrounding cities!

My new song ‘Who I Am’ is about belonging and comfort and finding themselves. 
Being true to yourself can be a very fragile and difficult thing. Especially during certain circumstances. Dreams and emotions are such personal things and it’s not so easy to wear them to the outside to be so vulnerable.

This song is about a new love, something that feels so special and unreal. A lot that is not only a romantic one but also a healing one who helps you to be your true self around them and time after time around everyone else because you feel strong and validaded in yourself like you never did before. You always had to hide yourself deep down to protect it from the outside world in its surrounding. ‘Who I Am’ is about blooming self acceptance due to the strength love can give you.

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