“ Salute To Your Golden Tomorrow ” by Kaiserin Rebecca, Denis Couture, Yuka Sekine

I’m Kaiserin Rebecca. I’m a composer and pianist from Hong Kong. I have been active as an independent artist since 2006. Some years ago, I have had piano concerts in Germany and Austria. Afterwards, I have been concentrating on writing compositions and music arrangements. Up to now, I have written over 4500 music arrangements which are available online, samples can be seen on my Pinterest page.
I have won several songwriting awards before, for example:

  • Winner of the Best Composition Award of the Music Aid Award 2009;
  • “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting Award” of the 10th and 11th Annual
    Great American Song Contest;
  • Finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest 2008


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In 2016 and 2019 my flute pieces were chosen by the famous flutist Iwona Glinka to include in her albums “One Minute” and “Two Minutes”.
In April 2022 my piano piece “Autumn Wind” was chosen by the Dutch piano magazine “Toon & Teken”, after which the piece was translated and published as alternative music notation (Klavar notation).

In 2022, I released two albums—they’re “A Moonlit Night” and “Unlock the Blessings”. Both are in the style of “instrumental pop”. I usually write expressive and lyrical melodies, so the tracks from these albums are no exception. I made these albums with the Canadian producer Denis Couture. We’ve known each other since 2009. He has been doing the mixing and mastering for my songs since that year. Personally, Denis writes songs in New Age style. But other than writing his own songs, he has been a sound engineer since he was in his teenage years. So, he is a very experienced producer.

At the end of 2022, I decided to do something different. So, I started doing this “Japanese project”. The aim of this project is to bring more love and hope to this world. The song “Salute to Your Golden Tomorrow” is one of the songs in this project. The music and the story behind the song are all written by me while the lyrics and vocal are by Yuka Sekine (a singer from Japan). Yuka is an award-winning singer— for example, she has won the “SMASH CABARET Grand Prix” some years ago. She is now a signed theater singer in Japan.
In the future I will continue to bring more love and hope to this world through my
music. All the members in my team (including the producer Denis and the singer Yuka and me) have the same goal. It’s so meaningful for all of us to bring positive energy to this world through our music!

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