“ Home ” by Stt Laurentt

This rapper released an acoustic singing song and usually release hip-hop rap music, so this [...]

“ No Drama ” by Lil Meta

Lil Meta, born Chase Turner, is a talented rapper hailing from Knoxville, TN, and raised [...]

“ The Drawer ” by Kelsie Kimberlin

“This song is the first on my new EP also titled “The Drawer” because all [...]

“Satisfied ” by Roxi Jane

Roxi Jane is a rising star in the alternative pop scene, known for her compelling [...]

“ 44 ” by Mercal

  We live in the age of streaming, where finding music is easier than ever [...]

BACKZ is an up and coming music producer and DJ born in 1999 in Meppen, Germany.

BACKZ is an upcoming music producer and DJ, born in 1999 in Meppen, Germany. His [...]

“ Wooden Fire Escape ” by Ferdinand the Bull

“A catchy tune reminding you to be optimistic even in dismal situations. Characteristic of frontman [...]

“ Jimi Nix ” by Look Up

Jimi Nix is an Indie artist who produces his own music and lyrics according to [...]

“ Oxygen ” by Gflez

Gflez is a London based Nigerian artist who believes music should have no rules. He [...]

“ anxietyscope ” by t dot est

t dot est is a project created in Stavanger in 2014, by definition experimenting with [...]