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How does our Rotate Campaign work?

We will add articles of our active artists in a rotating campaign. This means the artists with active orders will receive more or less an exposure every 20 hours. ( Some hours of a day will be normal see your music is not receiving exposure )
“ Dead Flowers ” by Brian Lawless

Brian Lawless emerges as a genuine storyteller, armed with a guitar and a voice that [...]

“ Accelerate ” by Fictional…

Fictional… has a new release drive ep, 3 tracks taking its roots from the electro [...]

“ Batshit Love ” by Seven Track

Seven Track, a passionate musician and piano player hailing from Marseille, France, unleashes a whirlwind [...]

“ Never Stop Trying ” by Zay Blue

Kansas City, Missouri artist. that makes rap and melodic music. also known for freestyling, new [...]

“ Nicolas / Nicola (French Version) ” by Klime Kovaceski

I have been carrying the songs from the album WOUNDS inside of me since the [...]

“ Haunted highways ” by XENOMX

Drawing from “Aliens” and a passion for car exhausts, XenomX delivers raw, aggressive EDM. His [...]

“ Feed My Soul ” by Cam Ellis

Hailing from the coastal city of Mandurah and currently based in the vibrant music scene [...]

“ ALONE ” by Trev L.A.

Trev L.A. is an upcoming Mexican hip hop artist hailing out of South Central , [...]

“ Too Many Snakes ” by Chris Enzo

Chris Enzo is an upcoming artist coming out of Austin, TX in the US. You [...]

“ Abuso ” by The Phoenix Within

The Phoenix Within is a metal-core band from NYC. The group is fronted by Omar [...]