“ Ego ” by Paul Supreme

Smartly uniting masterful versatility with an unwavering passion for music in all of its forms, artist and songwriter Paul Supreme brings an edge of intention, personality, and outright presence to modern music. Paul’s father and uncle were quick to set the tone. Both members of the beloved band the Frogs, renowned by nineties heavyweights Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Kurt Cobain, their creative influence was undeniable.

Paul’s music transcends traditional genres, blending styles and influences alongside infectious melodies, riffs and rhythms, and stands tall on the strength of its songwriting above all else. Uniting aspects of Pop, Electronic, and Hip Hop, his craft proves uninhibited by genre or industry expectation. Creativity drives, so each track speaks volumes on behalf of the situational ideas and emotions behind it. There’s realness and heart in both the lyrics and his unwavering passion on the mic – qualities that connect in a manner rarely found within mainstream music.

His most accomplished album to date, ‘HWY 100’ delves into Paul’s own hardships – the tragic loss of his father, and ending a long-term relationship with a girl he believed was the one. Interwoven amidst this deeply reflective writing, however, are also more optimistic and energizing anthems. Conceptual depths are prominent with Paul’s focus being forever on inspiring his audience to seize the moment and embrace the time they are gifted in this world.

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