From Spotify Artists Dj Redness & Nathan Mitchell Listen to the amazing song: Diamonds

Based out of Tampa Florida and bringing the heat to every club he plays at, DJ Redness reigns on the decks with the power and dexterity of a man possessed. With an ability to stretch across multiple genres, his skill at reading the crowd and then dropping the bombs is more than impressive. Creating moments that will stay in the memory forever, that knowledge in the DJ booth is now inspiring a career in the recording studio.

From straight up main room House stompers to Deep Tech and even venturing into the world of Trap, Redness is unafraid to explore an open approach to dance music. Big beats supported by infectious grooves and vocal hooks that are as addictive as they are original, he kicks it with the mind of a nightclub maestro. Working with the likes of Superstar Keoki, Dan Diamond, Vicious Vic and More, he has quickly amassed over 500,000 plays on Soundcloud alone.

A multimedia sensation, he also runs his own YouTube channel called Redness Adventures which gives viewers a behind the scenes look at clubland, parties and events that he performs at.

Like the color itself, Redness is bold, powerful, energetic and a force to be reckoned with. Working with DJ Tommie Sunshine on another dance floor hit about to shake the speakers, his career is about to hit overdrive. Join him in the club or in your earphones. He will keep you lit ‘til the sun comes up.

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