From Spotify Artists Whoiskumi and Caleb Jay Listen to the amazing song: Unspoken Words

Kumi has arrived and is making noise in the electronic scene.

A creative Melbourne producer bringing a new wave of sound experiences. The name Kumi translates to ‘forever beautiful’, and this message echoes throughout Kumi’s tracks.

With a strong philosophy that music can change the world and help people find a place where they feel accepted. Kumi brings energy to the audience with happiness, love and high-octane vibes. Definitely taking you on a journey.

You never know what genre Kumi will play – all you know is that it will be high energy and get you jumping from left to right. Kumi brings his performances together with original creations incorporating his own vocals and instrumentals.

With a strong local following performing at Melbourne’s famed venues, snowy mountain tours and local festivals.

Kumi is one hell of a DJ/Producer who takes his craft to another level.

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