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Ms. MICHL, (pronounced: Mz Michael) is the living embodiment of contradiction. Her life, her music, and even her name all reveal her existence on opposite ends of the spectrum. Growing up a black girl in rural Oklahoma, Ms. MICHL found solace performing in the church with her family, and studying classical music, beginning at the age of five. At twelve years old she began writing songs and discovered the profound healing power music offered.

After moving to Los Angeles, she began singing backup vocals for an array of Hip Hop artists, Blues Bands, and even a Latin Pop Singer. In 2020, she released her first full-length studio album, Anaxiphilia, a genre bending exploration of pain, fear, doubt, and heartbreak. With the pandemic cancelling all chances of touring, Ms. MICHL went right back into the studio to begin writing her next project, Animus vs. Anima: The Esoteric Philosophy. She was divinely fortunate to meet the multi-talented recording artist, writer, producer, and cultural architect, Damon Turner (Trap Heals). Turner signed on to be co-writer and producer for Ms. MICHL’s first EP. The partnership resulted in a new expression for Ms. MICHL, one that leans into her haunting vocals and melancholy, dream centric storytelling but with a fresh approach to soundscape and rhythms.

The team decided the only way to follow such a profound project was to go back to Ms. MICHL’s beginnings. The blending of classical vocals and composition with modern trap beats and electro accents was an ambitious task. However, Ms. MICHL had been dreaming of this creation for years. Throw in the inspiration of women in her life by her side through her darkest and brightest days, and you have a Trap Aria. Produced by Damon Turner once again and Ms. MICHL’s first production credit. The EP also features the talents of musicians Dustin Seo, Cello and Brandon Forte, Piano. “Actuality: 3 Acts is her most avant garde work yet, with nods to Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty, Act I “The Spell” and Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, I. “O Fortuna”, it is unlike anything else. It will take you on a complete journey through one’s life. A journey that we all will recognize and somehow also see in a whole new way. An adventure that highlights the past, the journey, (albeit painful), and the ultimate end. You will walk away from this EP transformed, and that’s exactly what Ms. MICHL was hoping for…

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