From Spotify Artist Michal Habrda Listen to the amazing song: Running Earth 2068

On August 19, 2023, my new song – the instrumental soundtrack Running Earth 2068 – was released! the song is inspired by many sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, Tenet, Dune, Ready Player One, Interstellar and many others. Furthermore, I am primarily inspired by my personal idea of time and the distant, but for some, possibly near future.

So how many times do I ask myself, what is time, where are we in it? I also once read an interesting statement by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington that time plays a key role in any attempt to connect spiritual and physical experience. So I also think that time is kind of the basis of our existence. That’s why this piece of mine, Running Earth 2068, is inspired by time, but also by the hope for a better peaceful future.

Running Earth 2068 – It has no language barrier and I want to promote it everywhere in the world.

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