From Spotify Artist Not too Much Listen to the amazing song: Empty Space

Empty Space takes you on an electrifying journey through the cosmos, capturing the boundless passion of human space exploration. Its pulsating tech/minimal house beats propel you into a world of limitless possibilities, where the mysteries of the universe unfold. Get ready to soar through the stars and dance among the galaxies with this transcendent sonic adventure.

Introducing Suleyman Onur Genc, the Istanbul-born and East London-based mastermind behind the mesmerizing project “Not too Much.” As an amateur music producer, he fearlessly delves into the intoxicating essence of our daily lives, reflecting it through captivating Melodic Tech/House beats, skillfully layered echoic vocals, and resounding basslines. With an infusion of dramatic ambiences and daring synths, his music evokes the emotions we all encounter in our modern urban existence: a sense of lost meaning, dissatisfaction, FOMO, and the perennial question of “What the am I doing here?”

“Not too Much” embraces the experimental realm, forging a fusion of contradictory emotions—hope amidst misery, innocence entwined with ambition, joyful aggression, and tranquility amid tension. As you immerse yourself in the hypnotic rhythms, dancing to the beats, you may find yourself pondering, “How did I end up here?” This introspective journey is the essence of Not too Much.

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