From Spotify Artist Chizzya Listen to the amazing song: Katalina

Hello Fam I am Chizzya an afrobeat artist from Nigeria base in Germany. My journey with music is something I am very excited to share with you.

Afrobeat and Amapiano-beat has set to take over in global music. Apps like TikTok and instagram made the most hit out from the Amapiano beat. It can now be found playing in clubs and across Africa, Europe, Asia and America.

Who is Chizzya? Chizzya is known Chibuzo Agusi born in Aba Nigeria literally Aba boy 🙂 being born in a religious family. Chibuzo was in one of the choir group, he joined the choir group at the age of 7. Singing in the church was a bigger change and a good foundation as a kid, It made me realize how much I love music, and want to do music. Growing up knowing that I still feel music and inspiration from my childhood, that’s when I made up my mind to pursue my career in music. My first ever record was in Lagos 2010 started off from street, jumping from one studio to another doing something no one can ever listen to. Fast forward I moved to Europe to further my Education, after my bachelor degree. I dropped my official single (Feelings) the song came out well and it made a good start in my music journey. From Feelings to Hustle, Mama, Love my baby, I got you, Maria, Bestie, Blessing, Calling, Dangerous, Katalina, My woman and so on.

(Katalina) by Chizzya is literally on trends making waves through the industry.

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