From Spotify Artist ENCOMIA Listen to the amazing song: evacuation.

🎶 A one-minute prelude to the birth of a new era in sound, ENCOMIA’s debut “evacuation.” beckons the curious. Surrender to the enigmatic realms of Future Garage and resonate with the hidden truth.

📡 Available on all streaming platforms now. Delve into the unknown and anticipate the auditory revolution on the horizon.

The future unfolds, more tracks await.

ENCOMIA is a captivating duo of talented young musicians, a girl and a guy, conquering the modern music scene with their unique blend of electronic, indie, hip-hop, dance music, and Future Garage. This enigmatic pair is known for their ability to create fresh and electrifying compositions that resonate with listeners while exuding irresistible sensuality, creating an aura of mystery.

The recently formed ENCOMIA duo is just beginning to break into the music world with their debut single “evacuation.”, soon to be followed by an EP with the same title. This release invites listeners to delve into the issues of modern society that often go unnoticed and are sometimes normalized. Based in the vibrant and creative city of Berlin, ENCOMIA draws inspiration from the rich musical culture surrounding them.

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