From Spotify Artist Novaborn Listen to the amazing song: Fall of Babylon

ovaborn is a Scottish singer/songwriter and producer currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He got his start in my music initially as an EDM producer. Releasing house and future bass tracks that made their way onto numerous indie blogs/radio stations and YouTube channels. After a few releases on a small, independent EDM record label, he decided to transition into the bedroom pop/songwriter sound that he is known for today.

Novaborn has produced multiple pop projects over the past 5 years. Amassing over 200,000 streams across all his social media channels. His songs have made it onto various radio stations in the UK including Capital FM and BBC Scotland. And he has performed well in several national song-writing competitions.

His latest project, Fall of Babylon, is a darker pop track. It features atmospheric instrumentation and a more haunting vocal. It’s an interesting fresh sound that is definitely worth your time.

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