Eddie Munson Stranger Things a detail makes his story even more devastating

News about Eddie Munson Stranger Things in fourth season and future season, in this article we will do analysis!

News about Eddie Munson Stranger Things in fourth season and future season, in this article we will do analysis!

After season 4 Eddie Munson

A week after the release of the last two very long episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things, it is time to take stock, curiosity and analysis on the event show that has exceeded one billion views on Netflix. Among the new characters who immediately entered the hearts of the public, there is undoubtedly Eddie Munson.

His is undoubtedly the saddest story along with that of Max: marginalized from the start, he soon became the target of the anger of the town of Hawkins, fomented by a senseless paranoia about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons and its alleged links with Satanism. The story of him follows that of the real Damien Echols and his death, in the finale, has certainly left its mark on many Stranger Things fans. One detail, however, makes it even sadder.

Eddie Munson Stranger Things

As pointed out by ScreenRant, a scene from the show’s final episodes negatively treads Eddie Munson Stranger Things demise.

When the group tries to steal the camper to go to the armory in view of the second “invasion” of the Upside Down, Eddie Munson Stranger Things decides to wear a mask to hide his identity and not risk being recognized.

Not just any one though: the Duffers’ debt of affection towards the 80s is realized here with a tribute to the Halloween saga and Michael Myers.

Everything start with John

The protagonist of the slasher saga started by John Carpenter is still today a monstrous, evil, inhuman and depersonalized icon of the world of horror and world cinema.

Sadly, this could just be Eddie Munson fate: the finale showed us how all the blame for Hawkins’ deaths caused by Vecna ​​lay on the satanist metalhead, on the strange rebellious boy who lives in a trailer.

Only Dustin and the others know the truth and the boy tries to console his deceased friend’s uncle.

Eddie Munson Stranger Things and Michael Myers

Putting actor Joseph Quinn on the Michael Myers mask, therefore, seems to double-tie the character to that of the Halloween saga: Will Eddie Munson forever be seen as a monstrous killer by the citizens of Hawkins? Or will the convergence with the Upside down open their eyes and give them the possibility of redemption?

We will have to wait for the fifth season of Stranger Things (whose spin-off has just been confirmed and more) to find out, but in the meantime, fans can already start supporting their new favorite Eddie Munson Stranger Things.