“ Before It Happens ” by Freedom Heart

Freedom Heart is singer-songwriter, Lynn LY Chen from Southern California. Her mission in life can be summed up in these two words: truth and freedom. She is a person who has been tested through the fires of condemnation, oppression and fighting for one’s identity and true calling in life in an unrelenting environment. She knows what it is like to fight for one’s dreams and passions, to go after one heart’s desire and the call of God upon her soul to move in a fashion different from the crowd that surrounds her.

Growing up, Lynn did not having a musical background but God gave her the gift to play guitar and sing. She became a worship leader then heard God’s call to make music for Him and His kingdom.

Lynn is a spokesperson for truth and knowing one’s true identity. Her goal for her life is to write and produce songs with words that bring a light in the darkness, melodies that heal, and ultimately set people free from the prison of their own minds and circumstances.

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