“ No Regrets ” by J-M-K

J-M-K is no Johnny-Come-Lately to the music scene. A career that has endured for over two decades both in Indie Rock and House/EDM worlds, this Irish Songwriter/Producer has built a reputation for crafting some of the most exquisite tunes in the business. Working previously within a band or collaborating with some of the game’s biggest names such as Mike Stock, since 2020 he has been releasing music under the J-M-K moniker and is cementing his name as an extraordinary producer with his latest track No Regrets.

The song is a haunting EDM ride into the blissful side of House Music as it speaks to the celebration of loves lost as well as love found. No Regrets is a scintillating example of how complex and deeply rewarding dance music can be. From the beauty of the drops and the vocals to the climax of rhythms which are more akin to Underworld, the song is a rambunctious statement of what an award-winning songwriter can produce.

Perfect for those curators/bloggers who are searching for music that is beyond the disposable copy and paste efforts available today, add No Regrets to your playlist. You wont regret it and that is the truth.

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