“ Rock The Hell ” by Gaby Rhythm

Do not stay in hell that burns your soul piece for piece. The song “Rock The Hell“ composed by Gaby Rhythm is written for all those you struggle for a change.

She shouts out loud:

Those who expected from you to “be how you should be“ due to your age, your status, your whatever…

Those will never respect you, even if you do!

No, you are never too old, it is never too late. Do rock the hell! 
Do not wait until you feel prepared, because there will never be the right time.

Change your life, believe and trust yourself, you will make it.

You are worth it. Even if everybody tries to convince you, that you will not make it.

Maybe you feel separated on your way like a man in prison, or feel overwhelmed, or there

is no one to hold your hand on your new way. Well, no one said this way will be easy.

You might cry many tears and there will be stones on your way but what is the alternative?

You will never be able to escape from the heat of hell unless you take the exit.

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