“ Who’s that ” by Woodson Michel

Woodson Michel is a full-on entertainer. Writing, producing and a proven vocalist, Woodson’s music has appeared on TV shows like ‘CSI: New York’ and in the movie ‘My Hometown’. Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, Woodson came from a very diverse family background and at a young age showed promise musically. After moving to Long Island, NY as a child, he was introduced to American music, especially the music icon Michael Jackson. Leaving NY, Woodson’s family lived in a variety of places in Massachusetts where he continued improving his English and advancing in several sports. He was featured in the Boston Globe for his performances in high school track and football, even receiving the High Five Award from Channel 5’s Mike Lynch.

Meeting one of his best friends, March Celestin Jr, Woodson further discovered opportunities in the music industry to explore. He released an independent first album with several singles landing on the rhythmic Billboard Top 200. His album was also featured on Billboard’s Top 40 chart. He has since toured on both coasts. Woodson continues to hone his musical abilities in many different musical genres including R & B, hip-hop, soul, zouk, and pop, living in Palm Beach, Florida. Two more singles AEIOU and Dancing and Sexing have recently gone global. His video “Whoa” was feature on “The Examiner” Website and he was also feature on Yahoo spotlight.

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