“ Fly ” by Nick Eaton

I wrote this at the time when a close friend lost her close friend to Cancer. She was only 38. Overhearing the heartbreak inspired me to write this song. Cancer is not the only killer and reason we are losing our loved ones far too soon……but I do believe that we will meet again……. someday, beyond the stars. I’m a singer songwriter based in Farnham, Surrey UK with a love for Americana, Country, rock and blues. This song is slightly different to my normal style but I had a vision of an all strings arrangement.

This was recorded with a live full strings Orchestra, a beautiful grand piano, acoustic guitar and my vocal. There is vulnerability here and the topic is one that many listeners will respond to as we all experience loss and grief. I only stated writing music about 3 years ago and this is the latest release following my single ‘Country Girl’ which was released towards the end of 2023. I have more singles to follow this so watch this space for further releases throughout 2024.

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