The most questionable Sus Rap Lyric

Sus Rap Lyric is a sulphurous musical genre and the most questionable will be in the video below!

Rap is a sulphurous musical genre and the most questionable Sus Rap Lyric will be in the video below! Back to the lasts punchlines

Back to the lasts punchlines that caused a strong controversy / controversy, sometimes within the rap community, sometimes outside.

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The Most Questionable Sus Rap Lyric ever

At present’s video is a group of a number of the most questionable Sus Rap Lyric ever, the worst, funniest , bizarre , out of context and all time with genius playing cards.

We have obtained a number of the funniest and Sus Rap Lyric ever from rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Chief Keef and Smokepurpp. We hope you get pleasure from.

Which does not bother with conciliation or pretense. It is precisely this freedom of speech, this I do not care, which gives it all its strength. And even if in recent years, the trend has been towards self-censorship, rap remains an impertinent musical genre that has not finished shocking.

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To the sus lyrics

Sneazzy alludes here to Pascal Praud, journalist on CNEWS, who has regularly been criticized for his protrusions on Islam. The lyrics caused an uproar the day after the clip was released and the lyrics were initially loaned to Nekfeu. The prosecution has also opened an investigation for “unprovoked provocation to the commission of a crime or misdemeanor by means of communication to the public by electronic means”.

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The important group

La Rumeur, one of the most important French rap groups, distills through Ekoué this punchline, which, again, is the first sentence of the piece. Whistling the Marseillaise, the French national anthem, is an emblematic act and this one is all the stronger as a certain fatality and inevitability surrounds this remark, with the “and I kiss you, it’s like that”. Important protest and politicized group, La Rumeur is distinguished by a frankness and a culture rarely equaled in the world of French rap.

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About the Sus Rap Lyric

Booba criticizes the singer M.Pokora and the rappers Sinik and Diam’s, who in 2007 occupied the top of the charts. Through this punchline, Booba finds it unacceptable that rap is represented in the imagination of the general public by these 3 artists and that other, more talented rappers are neglected. By comparing 3 white artists and adding “nigger” in opposition, Booba will create unease among some French Sus Lyric listeners and among several French rappers who felt that this sentence had an unhealthy undertone and in the video you will see the sus rap lyrics and most Sus Rap Lyric.

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