Best music Software in 2022 Audacity

There are many software that allow you to create Music Maker, like Audacity and chrome music lab, today we offer you the best.

There are many software that allow you to create Music Maker, like Audacity and chrome music lab, today we offer you the best.

What’s new in the latest version of Audacity?

Available on Windows (32 and 64 bits), Mac (64 bits Intel) and GNU/Linux (64 bits AppImage), version 3.1 presents some of the following new features:

Performance improvement ; Optimization of import processing; Snap guides for resizing clips; Added new shortcuts; Ability to recover deleted waves; Loop tool evolution; Fixed some bugs. Note that there is also a portable version of Audacity to install on a USB key.

Why download that music maker for Windows?

Very versatile, it is suitable for many uses. Thanks to its native features, it will be the perfect companion for a musician wishing to record at home, in a light and minimalist configuration. Indeed, this last point is important to raise. Where some music maker software requires a fairly powerful computer to run, it will run on virtually any PC.

Just like any of the previously mentioned music maker programs would, it is possible to install external plug-ins on Audacity. Called “VST” (short for Virtual Studio Technology), these allow you to process sounds by applying effects in real time. In other words, you can absolutely download different third-party extensions to add reverb, delay, equalize frequencies (EQ) etc.

On the other hand, it should be noted that unlike software dedicated to musical composition, Audacity does not manage VSTi (virtual instruments). It is therefore not possible to work with MIDI files in this program.

Simple alternative chrome music lab

There are a lot of alternative and one of that is chrome music lab, it is simple software and it is free, You can use chrome music lab also in browser so it will not need any specific computer with high ram and high CPU.

Chrome music lab how we said is free alternative but it is good solution just if you really are starting now, otherwise try to use Audacity

Audacity Larger than an audience of musicians

Audacity is widely used in the world of podcast creation and it is free to download. Capable of recording from any external source, it is thus possible to capture sound from the microphone input of a PC, a USB microphone or an external audio interface (this allows you to connect a microphone with XLR connection for example). In order to maintain superior audio quality, the software supports WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC or OGG Vorbis file formats. As for the sample rate, Audacity supports audio up to 192kHz.

You will still need a microphone with good characteristics to hear the difference. For a recording made from the built-in microphone of a computer, we recommend exporting in MP3 to reduce the size of the finalized file and when you song will be online you can promote it!

And the second advice is to give a chance also to chrome music lab it is free and you can try anytime this easy and amazing tool.