“ The Invisible Planet ” by Ananta Govinda

A fearless step to untangle past lives and align their lessons with our present day, Ananta Govinda’s 2024 EP — INVISIBLE PLANET — comes in show-stopping collaboration with Jens Gadd: founding member behind Germany’s pioneering EDM ensemble, Enigma.

Since their 1990 debut, Enigma’s songcraft has given centre-stage to world ambience and ancient motifs, their electric contrast of EDM empowering antiquity with the musical visions of our modern world. Enigma’s original discography brought world music to Western dancefloors; their discography embodying a bold series of moves destined to make ethnic genres acceptable within the European electronic space.

Over 30 years after debuting their musical phenomenon, Jens Gadd, in collaboration with the US’ own EDM mastermind, Ananta Govinda, reanimates Enigma’s original concept into its latest cutting-edge mutation, spun with illustrious threads of modern sound and seeped in a colossal essence of evolution.

Mixing the natural tones of their bongo backbone beat with EDM rhythms at a hip-hop speed, INVISIBLE PLANET grounds its two tracks in spiritual meditation, fleshed out with the ceaseless invigoration of dance. Overdubbing its woodsy tones with sub-bass synths, manipulated vocal takes and the rhythmic, trap-style cross-cutting of samples, INVISIBLE PLANET is psychedelic, compelling, and addictively obscure in its vast harmonic palette.

Track two, entitled Ethereal Lagoons, extends Enigma’s concept under the nirvana-focused perspective of Ananta’s solo productions. Each flickering, disjointed element sits seamlessly within Ananta’s open field of meditative ambience whilst, backlighting the EP: the serenity of meditation possessed by its undercurrent synths, transforming traditional Eastern melodies within a Western nightclub soundscape.