“ Looking Glass ” by Ananta Govinda

A kaleidoscope of dance-pop positivity and personal progression, Ananta Govinda’s 2023 EP – LOOKING GLASS – sets spiritual sound against the eclectic potential of EDM; This concept work is based in yogic mantra, on cleansing dirt from the mirror of the mind, and using ecstatic dance to catalyze self-discovery. Interwoven with introspective reflection, LOOKING GLASS develops the title track of Ananta’s 2020 EP, Mirror Of Desire, into a progressive five-track story of realizing and refining one’s inner worth. its harmonic tapestry a dynamic recreation of energy fluxes within the lifelong search for one’s true self.

Dubstep and synthwave transform beneath Ananta’s unique light. His soundscape is hyper-charged with Sanskrit mantra and cathedral-esque ambiences, revealing undeniable soul within each upbeat intricacy of electronic dance. Glass smooth melodies morph into musical stop-motion, jagged with diverse rhythms and adventurous re-takes, such as Looking Glass I: the half-length mix for mini meditations; a snippet to reset your energy, refreshed and reconnected. As a decade-crossing infusion of genres invites sax solos and ethereal harp highlights into the mix, mysticism paints the backdrop, ancient meditations compose the lyrics, and out-of-body atmospheres interweave LOOKING GLASS’s manifestation of self-discovery.