“ Sweet Spot ” by Lambo

LAMBO is a based singer/songwriter creating modern anthemic music.

LAMBO music recipe is –
1) Take one emotive lyrical idea
2) Add textured vocals and guitar for feel & rhythm
3) Then add a generous dose of electronica to spice up the soundscape and generate energy

The result is a unique fusion between an acoustic guitar based singer/songwriter and a modern film soundtrack.

For production, LAMBO has worked with the likes of of The Animal Farm (London), Trill Cut (Miami), Steven Williams (London) & Concrete (Jo’burg).

Tracks are mastered Donal at Hafod Mastering Ltd.

Album artwork – by Ahmad Harun (instagram – Ahmad Harun@Chuck)

LAMBO has teamed up with many very talented musicians including Sean Linton (bass), Andy Stubbles (BVs), Nathan Hattersley (keys & strings), Alan Bridges (bass) & Abi Nelson (BVs).

Nova Magazine said ‘Love it!’for LAMBO’s feel-good summer debut single ‘Shooting Star’. Available for streaming on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and all the major distributors.

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