“ Attention ” by MAINFRAME

In the dynamic realm of electronic pop, there exists a clandestine force known as MAINFRAME – a musical entity that masterfully intertwines infectious beats with hauntingly beautiful vocals. Led by a female voice, their lyrics delve into the realms of darkness and melancholy, creating an emotional dance floor experience like no other.

With a clear penchant for the dance floors, their music invites listeners to lose themselves in the beat while navigating the complexities of the human experience through lyrics that are both dark and profoundly sad.

However, it’s not just the music that defines MAINFRAME’s artistry. Akin to architects of emotion, they meticulously curate the visual experience. Graphic design becomes a pivotal part of their expression, with album covers serving as portals into the emotive landscapes painted by their sonic creations. The synergy between auditory and visual elements is a testament to MAINFRAME’s commitment to delivering a complete aesthetic encounter.

Join MAINFRAME in their sonic escapade — a journey where the dance floor becomes a haven for those who crave both the exhilarating and the introspective. Unveil the enigma, step into the shadows, and let the beats of MAINFRAME guide you through a world where anonymity and artistry coalesce in perfect harmony.

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