“ Our Time That Will Never Come Back ” by Gianluca Zanna

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, where innovation intertwines with emotion, one artist stands out amidst the cacophony of beats and melodies. Gianluca Zanna, a multifaceted virtuoso hailing from the eternal city of Rome, Italy, emerges as a beacon of creativity, blending his profound lyricism with mesmerizing compositions. As a songwriter, music producer, and the visionary CEO of Zanna Records, his musical odyssey transcends mere entertainment, delving into the realms of raw emotion and profound introspection.
Gianluca Zanna’s journey into the heart of music commenced in his formative years, where familial serenades and cinematic symphonies ignited his passion for sonic exploration. Amidst the structured confines of Convitto Nazionale boarding school, young Gianluca found solace in the enchantment of music, sculpting melodies and penning lyrics that echoed his innermost thoughts. Influenced by the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Jean Michelle Jarre, he embarked on a self-taught journey, mastering various instruments unearthed from the school’s attic.
Yet, it was the serendipitous encounter with revered record producer Brian Reeves that proved pivotal in shaping Gianluca Zanna’s sonic vision. Reeves, renowned for his work with icons like Donna Summer and U2, enriched Zanna’s productions with cutting-edge mastering, elevating his compositions to new heights of auditory splendor.
While Zanna’s collaborative ventures have garnered acclaim, his solo endeavors also showcase his singular artistry. His latest release, “Our Time Will Never Come Back,” arranged by Andrei Murariu, stands as a testament to his prowess as both a composer and lyricist. Beyond its soaring vocal melodies and pulsating beats lies a narrative of profound longing and enduring love.
The lyrics of “Our Time Will Never Come Back” resonate with authenticity and raw emotion, capturing the poignant, and autobiographical journey of a father separated from his sons. Through haunting verses and a powerful chorus, Gianluca Zanna encapsulates the irreversible nature of time lost and the overwhelming yearning to reclaim it. Each line, infused with paternal love and unwavering commitment, serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring bond between father and sons.

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The opening lines immediately establish the theme of longing and reminiscence. This sets the stage for the narrative of a father who deeply misses witnessing his sons’ growth and cherishing moments with them. The chorus, with its powerful repetition of “Our time will never come back,” encapsulates the central lament of the song. It conveys the irreversible nature of time lost and the overwhelming sense of yearning to reclaim it.
The verses delve into the depth of the Gianluca Zanna’s emotions, acknowledging the pain and longing that sometimes become unbearable. The imagery of waking up in the night and finding solace in the thought of the loved ones being the guiding light through darkness adds a poignant layer to the narrative.
Furthermore, the lines “It’s not just black / It’s not just white / no matter what you think now / one day you will find” suggest a message of hope and reconciliation. Despite the current circumstances, Gianluca Zanna believes that eventually, understanding and acceptance will prevail. The declaration “I am your Father / You are my blood / You are my pride / For you, I’d die” encapsulates the depth of paternal love and commitment, highlighting the profound bond between father and sons.
Gianluca Zanna’s lyrical depth transcends the confines of conventional electronic music, delving into the depths of human emotion with a rare sincerity. From the opening lines that establish a theme of longing and reminiscence to the hopeful declaration of eventual understanding and reconciliation, each verse becomes a journey unto itself, guided by the beacon of love and hope.
In “Our Time Will Never Come Back,” Gianluca Zanna proves that electronic music is not merely about beats and rhythms but a canvas for profound storytelling and introspection. With his unparalleled ability to craft musical poetry that resonates with audiences on a visceral level, Zanna cements his position as a trailblazer in the electronic music industry.
As the world awaits the next chapter in Gianluca Zanna’s musical odyssey, one thing remains certain – his resolute commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and emotion, one composition at a time. In “Our Time Will Never Come Back,” Gianluca Zanna emerges not merely as a composer and producer but as a storyteller – a bard of the electronic age whose melodies resonate with the beating heart of humanity.