“ Almost right ” by Jo Milvin

Jo Milvin found his passion for music at a young age playing the accordion and the piano. His versatile musical background allowed him to explore a wide range of genres, from classical to contemporary, and it was this diversity that eventually led him to discover his love for electronic music.

Determined to take his music to the next level, he made the decision to shift his focus towards music production. Setting ambitious goals and honing his skills at the Point Blank Music School in London, he delved deep into the world of electronic music, weaving together a unique blend of house and captivating Latin rhythms.

With a keen ear for melody and a knack for crafting infectious beats, he pours his heart and soul into his productions, channeling his diverse musical influences into every track he creates. His music resonates with a rich tapestry of sounds, drawing listeners in with its emotive melodies, irresistible grooves and vibrant energy.

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