Millie Bobby Brown cuts her hair very short

British actress Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things had been sporting long blonde hair for a few weeks, but decided to say goodbye to it, by adopting a key cut for fall 2022: the bob.

British actress Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things had been sporting long blonde hair for a few weeks, but decided to say goodbye to it, adopting a cut.

Chic as hell, this haircut features a full, straight length with no fade, which usually hits the chin or just below the jawline.

Millie Bobby Brown entrusted her head

The expert care of hairstylist Marty Harper. He styled the actress’ mane by parting it in the middle, and smoothing her bangs behind her ears.

A small upturned effect at the tips brings a vintage touch to the look of the star who shines on the red carpet of the Samsung 2022 Galaxy Creators event.

The young Millie is not afraid to dare in her looks. We know her for her shaved hair in her mythical role of Eleven and since then she has adopted various hair trends such as salted caramel blonde, extensions and mini-braids.

Who got a hair style

Millie is not the only famous personality to have decided to cut her hair in the bob! Recently, influencer Gloria-Bella was seen doing the same.

Emma Chamberlain also made the jump, at the same time as she opted for a platinum blonde color.

Earlier this summer, it was actress Lili Reinhart who made the jump!

They certainly make us want to shed our long hair for fall 2022.

Millie in Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven is famous for her unmistakable look right from the start. When she said goodbye to her hair to become the little girl of the Hawkins National Lab experiment. She was the main face of the show and had to do it to completely dissolve. Meanwhile, her long, lustrous brown hair regrown in season 4 when we saw Millie flaunt her hair in the season 4 premiere.

She dyed her hair blonde and looked absolutely stunning with a new look. But once again in Stranger Things season 4, we saw Eleven’s shaved head after meeting dad in the Nevada desert. Did Brown cut her beautiful locks this time too? Or did he choose to wear a wig instead for the role of him? Read on to learn all about her look in season 4.

Millie Bobby Brown didn’t shave her head in Stranger Things season 4

Things shared by Celebrity a makeover clip on YouTube with the caption: “Why Millie Bobby Brown Refuses to Shave Her Head Again”. Since her little hairdo has been Eleven’s identifying personality trait since season one. She needed to get her back in the climax season of Stranger Things. Season 4 brought us back to Eleven’s past life and all the kids in the workshop had that hairstyle.

In twitter shorts, it was claimed that the actress did not cut her hair in the new season because she has other projects coming up after filming. Additionally, hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul shows that she used a wig to cover her hair. She has wrapped her hair tightly so that the shape of her head looks natural. She wet her hair and wrapped it in an elastic material.

As a result, they let them dry for 15 minutes under the fire. The whole task was challenging as her scalp had to be seen under her hair. So, they used silk threads to make the skin look natural. The Stranger Things hairstyle has always been a topic of discussion in town, whether it’s Noah Schnapp or Millie Bobby Brown.

Fans flooded the internet with Will Byers’ forever bowl cut that everyone has seen since season one. However, Millie changed her hair in seasons 2 and 3. Would you like it if Brown and Schnapp gets a hair makeover in season 5?