“ Mazes of the Mind ” by Ananta Govinda and Lili Haydn

In collaboration with Grammy Award-winning violinist Lili Haydn, Ananta Govinda’s 2023 EP release – MAZES OF THE MIND – transcends all expectations of spiritual ambience through three compelling remixes. Crystalline compositions torchlight a path through one’s inner labyrinth, capturing the intricacy of the human experience, wild imagination and serenity. Its album cover serving celestial, futuristic hyperrealism, this EP invites us on a journey experienced in seamless chapters, each evolving in tune with the entangled concept of activating one’s personal power and progression.

MAZES OF THE MIND melts its melodies into ambient traces of sub-bass EDM, each remix redesigning its depths and letting its undertones blossom in different shades of the natural and mechanical. Folksy, world spiritualism takes center-stage, cherry-picking reflections of the divine from all corners of the globe, from the Irish-style fiddles integrated like life-blood, to the Eastern flairs of Sanskrit mantra flickering throughout. Haydn’s ethereal vocals interweave the duo’s instrumental focus with exceptional intrigue: evasive and elusive, summoning a mirage of angels within the mix, and capturing the divine essence of Earth’s rhythms and an evolving humankind.