“ By the Sea ” by Fyodor Birychev

Fyodor Biryuchev is a pianist and composer, a graduate of Liceu Conservatory (Barcelona). The composer’s sphere of interests is extremely wide, it extends from solo piano compositions to collaborations with orchestras, from works with the famous Ukrainian poet Yevhen Soya to experiments with prepared piano and electronics, from writing music to large-scale opera projects to work with ethnic musicians from various countries.

While featuring academic sophistication and precision and a deep immersion of the listeners, Fyodor’s concerts are at the same time full of vivid expressive presentation, powerful energy and charming atmosphere. His creative style is marked by diversity, imaginative and cinematic nature. His work is mostly influenced by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann.

Fyodor’s music resonates with the listener, it is something personal, devoid of the excessive conservatism and artificial pathos. The composer’s music is inspiring, it astounds with its sincerity and tenderness. It sounds like a sea breeze, a long-awaited spring, a sky full of stars up in the mountains.

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