Kanye West is COMING AFTER Pete Davidson & Kim

Kanye West is coming after Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on . posting Kanye vs pete, drake vs kim, travis scott, Julia fox, Billie Eilish, Child Cudi and extra.. | kuwtk goes loopy

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30 thoughts on “Kanye West is COMING AFTER Pete Davidson & Kim

  1. Jonathon LaFave says:

    Ole Yee Yee at it again. Be humble, sot down and mind your own business. For Kim, let the poor man see his kids. Be the bigger person… no matter what kids shouldn’t have to suffer, to go through this because they are…. At the end of the day.

  2. Marci Lauderbach says:

    Kanye reminds me of my ex on meth…gotta keep him out of public, away from ppl, cuz he has “meth word puke” where my ex would be so strung out, it was scary to let ppl see him, random words would just come out, he would mix a bunch of different situations up, past, present, future, all mixed up, and come out with some crazy scary weird talk that made absolutely no sense at all, but in his mind, he was sure he was right, then sober he wouldn’t remember very much of it…I was always afraid he’d go into town or a store and start telling ppl all this weird shit and he’d either get arrested or put in the hospital on a mental hold…keep Kanye away from the public and social media, dude needs help

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