Large Sean says Kanye West is OBSESSED with DRAKE | Drink

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Large Sean talks about Kanye West bizarre obsession with Drake over some points with the music Blessings. Everyone knows Kanye West and Drake points prior to now and in some way its effecting Large Sean and Kanye West Friendship on Drink Champs #kanyewest #ye is kanye west obsessive about drake ? what do you suppose?

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20 thoughts on “Large Sean says Kanye West is OBSESSED with DRAKE | Drink

  1. PrisonCipher says:

    So to recap, he made you fire a long time trusted friend for a photo, owes you 6 million, and says it was the biggest mistake in his life to sign you….never trust a sociopath.

  2. Ralis Sedarys V2 says:

    Drake put on tons and tons of new talent in the new generation because he is clout. Kanye on the other hand is a clout chaser who has to diss pop stars to get clicks, sucks out relevancy of new rappers like Lil Pump 6ix9ine or even ded ones like Pop Smoke and XXX. This beef will look mad goofy in a couple years because Drake washes Kanye musically and especially as a person.

  3. Bangz808 says:

    Can't believe kanye did big sean like this. I swear iv only liked one maybe 2 songs by Kanye EVER. Big sean gets banged atleast 5 times a week out my car. Karmas real amd Big Sean is a great dude. You don't do bad things to great people. If you do mama karma will b there one day to humble you EVERYTIME

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