From Spotify Artists KnowleDJ, Christina LaRocca Listen to the amazing song: Tennessee Whiskey

From her chance audience with Annie Lennox, to her audition at The Voice, industry
insiders in a notoriously cutthroat music industry have long known Christina LaRocca
is one of LA’s secret gems.

KnowleDJ, hailed one of the most exciting DJs on the planet, has spent his career touring the
world and collaborating with legendary performers from Fatman Scoop to
remixing top artists. Aside from touring stadiums worldwide, and doing VIP
Parties for the likes of the Weeknd, Rihanna, Jay-Z & Beyonce over the years,
his infectious mixes have been heard by millions, and his live sets have become
legendary from concert arenas like O2 London, Accor Paris, Ziggodome
Amsterdam in Europe to mega-clubs in Las Vegas such as Marquee, and Tao

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It took a few years, but that’s because Christina wanted to come flying
out the gates with a song no one would forget. And she did that by completely
reimagining the ballad you thought you knew. But when she came to international
touring sensation KnowleDJ with her idea to make a dance cover of a country
classic, he thought she was crazy. And as a guy that’s toured with the Backstreet
Boys, Ariana Grande, and Mariah Carey, he’s learned what crowds love- and
what they don’t. Not only was it way too slow for the house music tempo she
suggested, but the time signature wouldn’t work either. It wasn’t until he heard
her demo over a simple beat, that he was convinced.

By the time they finished making the recording, they knew they had something
special. And even in its first drafts, they weren’t the only ones. Upon listening to
it, it was immediately selected to be the featured song in the recent Stanley Cup
finals win at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Not only that, radio execs from
Canada to the Midwest have praised the song and are anticipating its release.
Even festival organizers re-arranged their lineups to have them perform the song
before the headlining act. Tour dates have been booked solely in anticipation of
its release, including the world’s biggest rodeo, the Calgary Stampede. And fans
who’ve heard snippets have been dying to hear more. If your BS meter is
peaking, it’s okay, we get it. So was everyone else’s- before they heard it.

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