From Spotify Artist N8-P Listen to the amazing song: START A FIGHT

Nathan Passos is N8-P, a musician turned music producer, then DJ, thriving within modern House music. He was raised in the country of Panama but was born and currently resides in South Florida, informing the international flair and globally-minded citizenry at his core.

Equally diverse and surmounting over 200k streams across all platforms, N8-P’s music evokes a broad array of emotions, with “I Feel Free,” “Party on the Weekend,” and other summer anthems setting the tone for fun in the sun with friends while his more bass driven, tonally complex tracks such as “We’re Gonna Get Low” and “Toxins” afford moments of introspection, perhaps inspiring listeners to relish the beauty in solitude; “Jet Lag” is another that stands out in this respect. Nonetheless, such tracks inspire and move the listener forward through an increasingly exciting post-modern world—an air pods-in walk through a dense modern city like NYC or Mexico City.

With all of his music, the one through-line is a N8-P beat that burrows deep, ear-worming its way into listeners’ everyday thoughts and experiences—bumping and thumping there for days or weeks at a time. In this respect, a N8-P track never fails to instill that internal rhythm of positivity and love that is the soul of this industry.

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