From Spotify Artists “Gonzomusic, Tony Bradley, Dån” Listen to the amazing song: Daniela

Gonzo is a Dj and music producer born in Venezuela.
He started his career more than 10 years. Since 2016 he’s been living in Toronto and making his way up in the music scene of Canada.
Reggaeton, Electronic music and much more is part of his repertoire.
Producing his music and making his remixes Gonzo has been able to stand out in the music scene of Toronto.

Tony Bradley is a Canadian/Venezuelan artist and musician based in Toronto, Ontario. Known in Toronto as a DJ and Producer; Bradley’s musical career began at a young age as a guitarist and drummer. Later on, he discovered his passion for house music and started transitioning his original productions to a more electronic, and house style. His musical characteristics range from tropical, tech and deep house. Having played in well-known clubs in Toronto, Bradley’s sets are high energy and diverse, combining his Latin foundation with fresh tropical tech house grooves.

Daniel Nuñez “DÅN”, is a Venezuelan musician and composer . His music is influenced by tropical pop and beach style songs, coming from the Caribbean his always looking for fresh sound and going back to his roots in Venezuela, he wants to connect with everyone because that’s who latinos are.

Dån Released this song couple months ago in afrobeat, the song did well and caught the attention of Salina records, Gonzomusic and Tony Bradley did a remix of the original song and this is the outcome!


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