From Spotify Artist Hannah Mrozak Listen to the amazing song: Ride

Hannah Mrozak is an inspiring and impressive singer, songwriter and performer originally from Milwaukee, WI currently living in Los Angeles. She has been writing songs, singing and performing since the age of 7. Her vocal style is an incredible blend of modern R&B with an infectious pop sensibility.

Hannah is a founding member of the all female group Citizen Queen, who opened for Pentatonix on their worldwide arena tour in 2019. In 2022, she began to work on her on debut solo project.
Hannah is currently writing, recording, and releasing songs. The project is a blend of modern R&B, pop, dance and deeply soulful records with the full force of Hannah’s irresistible sultry vocal sensibility. She recently released her first three singles as a solo artist, Love Me, Say the Word, and Ice Cream, garnering over 300,000 streams across all platforms.

Hannah plans to release several more songs in the coming months, culminating into her first EP at the end of 2023. Hannah also debuted her first residency with a full live band
all throughout April and the beginning of May.

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