From Spotify Artist Tom 5 Listen to the amazing song: Dark Side Of The End

A German musician, songwriter and composer, Thomas Hoffmann of Tom 5 continues to deliver. The musician brings the heat through retro Hard Rock and Metal tracks that will transport you back to the electrifying era of rock & roll.

From touring with his band Underdog across Europe to capturing the attention of the founder of HAUS Music, eventually creating the Tom 5, Hoffmann is a force to be reckoned with!

Underdog´s third album, Out In The Night, became an unexpected success that resulted in inclusion by EMI Electrola for a compilation called Heavy Rock Super Groups.

His invigorating electric rock melodies exhibit his exemplary guitar skills and flawless songwriting prowess. Effortlessly blending his roots into his music, Hoffmann also incorporates inspirational and poetic German lyrics throughout the Hard Rock albums „Eiskalter Schauer“ and „Endlich vorbei“.

Thomas Hoffmann’s latest collection of Hard Rock and Metal albums shows the impact of 80s Rock throughout generations. From his humble beginnings dating back to 1988, Hoffmann continues to produce albums that display his signature style. While the world of music continues to change and evolve, Tom 5 proves that staying true to yourself can create a fool-proof formula for success.

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