From Spotify Artists Sasha Lopez x Elianne Listen to the amazing song: Fashionista

Sasha Lopez teams up with Elianne to showcase what it means to be a “Fashionista” with dance-infused rhythms. As expected, Sasha Lopez delivers impeccable production, while Elianne’s vocals transport you straight to Hollywood, riding in a convertible car among palm trees and stars. The track surprises with a rhythm that preserves the essence and elegance of a vintage era, all while bringing modernism to the forefront, as Sasha Lopez is known for.

With each note, “Fashionista” will transport you into a world full of mystery and style, reminding you that music is meant for dancing and taking you to a place where how you feel on the dance floor is all that matters.

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Sasha Lopez, a renowned DJ and music producer, successfully transcends the boundaries of electronic music with his distinctive style. With an impressive history of international hits, such as “All My People,” which dominated charts in Spain, Canada, Bulgaria, and South America, Sasha Lopez is an artist widely appreciated. He has also won the hearts of fans in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, and Japan, maintaining a consistent presence in the playlists of dance music enthusiasts. His recognition is solidified by gold records in Canada, Spain, Chile, Slovenia, Croatia, and Japan, acknowledging his remarkable talent.
Furthermore, his collaboration with Misha Miller on the track “Smoke Me” caused quite a frenzy, reaching the top of Shazam charts in Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, with over 12 million views and 1,000,000 streams in just one month. Today, “Smoke Me” boasts over 23 million views, demonstrating the impact and popularity of his collaboration with Misha Miller.

Their musical journey continues, amassing over 4,200,000 views with the track “Mahala.”
Sasha Lopez defines his career through boundless creativity and continuous evolution, eagerly anticipated to grace the stages of Romania’s and international festivals this year, including Neversea, SingFest, Kaleidoscop, and Awake, where he will welcome tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans.
Elianne embarked on her career with her participation in the second season of “The Voice of Romania” in 2012, under the mentorship of Loredana. After the competition, she collaborated with several artists in the Romanian underground scene (Chimie, Kazi Ploae, Aforic, Subcarpați), releasing an EP and multiple tracks together. In 2018, Eilanne released her debut single in collaboration with Connect-R, “Mă bate inima.”

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