From Spotify Artist Tim Lin Listen to the amazing song: Waltz for Debby

“Tim Lin is a wonderful, creative saxophonist with a vibrant, fluid sound and a strong technique throughout all registers. His unique blend of tone, melody and complex, bop-ish lines make him a distinctive voice in the modern world of the tenor saxophone.” – Larry Schneider

Tim Lin is a saxophonist based in New York City originally from the Bay Area.

He stays busy recording albums, playing, and practicing. His interests lie in being a student of the music and immersing himself in the language of bebop and modern jazz.

Performances with Kenny Burrell, Albert Tootie Heath, Mike Clark, Russell Ferrante, Billy Drummond, Jeb Patton, Terri-Lynne Carrington, Ralph Moore, among others.

Mentored by Bob Sheppard, Bob Mintzer, Larry Schneider, and Jerry Bergonzi.

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