From Spotify Artist The Riot Boots Listen to the amazing song: Goldmine

The Riot Boots is a band formed in late 2018 in a small place in Norway called Toten

The band started as a jam project to just play a few gigs for fun to pay the rent, and that ended up filling the weekends of 2019 – that also result in the band making music together. The songs are pretty much designed to suit our audience at our gig’s, since it took us three years to get in the studio.

Our first single, Goldmine is our first song we wrote together in early 2019, and ofc suited our first release quite well! The riff was the first thing that struck us all, and then the melody came almost naturally after that. It suited the wibe of our surroundings that weekend in the foot of the mountains of Toten.
The song is recorded live in Urban Sound Studios in Oslo late 2022

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