From ALBUM : ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Artist Vger Listen to the amazing song: 0 01 0 I’M ALIVE

Vger is a talented French composer known for his unique approach to music, drawing inspiration from different cultures and peoples all around the world. His music reflects the beauty and diversity of each group, showcasing their personalities and magnificence through electronic and new-age sounds.

Having collaborated with various musicians, Ver has produced several albums that are very different from one another, each exploring the relationship between image and music. He believes that all music starts from images, and every sound tells a story that each listener can imagine.

Most recently, in 2022, Vger released “Artificial Intelligence,” an album that explores the relationship between humans and machines. This album features a mix of electronic and orchestral sounds, showcasing the fusion between man and technology. From the futuristic sounds of sci-fi to the emotional melodies of classical music, “Artificial Intelligence” is a thought-provoking musical experience that raises questions about the future of humanity.

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