From Spotify Artist SHAKIN’ HANDS Listen to the amazing song: Blurred Indicators

The SHAKINHANDS want to send a universal message: Love and music are always by our side to accompany us on our way. The band, consisting of creative minds Lou and Jonas, found their musical destiny during Lockdown. The result of their collaboration is a unique fusion of reggae and dub that captivates their listeners. Lou injects her polyphonic vocals, while Jonas provides a solid foundation through deep bass and catchy offbeats. SHAKINHANDS’ music moves between lightness and world-weariness, while also incorporating subtle tongue-in-cheek irony into their lyrics.

“Blurred Indicators” is more than just a melody – it’s a powerful message about how music and love are the strongest allies when it comes to overcoming life’s challenges. The song talks about the ability to move through difficult times, even when it seems like everything is headed for the end. The song takes the listener into a world of emotion and energy that only the magic of reggae music can provide.

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