From Spotify Artist LIL YEN Listen to the amazing song: Diablo

“Diablo is my flagship track, the one that truly showcases my talents at their best. It has a distinct sound unlike anything else, precisely because I don’t follow any trends – I’m the one setting the trend. I was born and raised in Verbania, a city on Lake Maggiore in Italy. However, my musical influences were born from artists like Nav, Future, 88Glam, and 6lack. They introduced me to this world back in 2016 when trap music was unfamiliar in Italy.”

Lil Yen, hailing from Verbania, Italy, has created a unique space for himself in the music scene. His hit track “Diablo” stands as a testament to his artistic prowess and refusal to conform to industry trends. Born and raised against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Maggiore, Lil Yen draws inspiration from his surroundings while carving a path entirely his own. His musical journey was catalyzed by the sounds of Nav, Future, 88Glam, and 6lack – artists who opened the door to the realm of music for him in 2016, a time when trap music had yet to establish its presence in Italy. As an artist, Lil Yen’s story is one of breaking molds and defying norms, an embodiment of his dedication to pioneering rather than following.

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