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Flora Algera created her soft-rock, emo/alternative and folky singer-songwriter persona through years of observing other artists who fit the same mold. In her teenage years, Algera spent much of her time attending concerts for local bands in small venues throughout Boston and taking notes from the punk-rock genre. She once decided to pick up a guitar in a rehabilitation facility, and it saved her life. In order to process some emotionally distressing experiences from her youth, Algera began to travel around America and write poetry about the things she found to be beautiful. As a former opera singer, she reached success in her music career, having worked under professionals such as composer John Williams, though she decided that she wanted to tell her own stories utilizing her musical talents. Algera released two tracks under her legal name in 2020, though over the years she has worked to develop her alias and artist presence that allows her the space to create a musical world that is her greatest source of healing. “Anthem For The Psych Ward Kids”, her first single, debuted in May 2022.

Her alias, “Flora Algera” is based upon the short story “Flowers For Algernon” by American author Daniel Keyes.

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