From Spotify Artist Edikit feat. Daniibabiiii Listen to the amazing song: You And Me

South Florida’s top rapping attorney & latest Hip-Hop artist on a journey to achieve fulfillment through expressing myself to as many of the masses as possible. Looking to bring back the soul and that classic Hip-Hop sound back!

This song is about attempting to court a woman I happen to see and immediately be attracted to one night at a club. My style is to be as clever and witty as possible to woo her. My approach is to bypass any vulgarities. Like my name, I try to convey a certain sense of etiquette and decorum.

The song does not feature any profanities, it is tailored to be radio friendly and as memorable as possible. The lyrics and delivery are high energy and regardless of whether you are a fan of Hip-Hop or not, this song was made to appeal to a wide audience, not a specific demographic.


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