From Spotify Artist Pablo Ray Listen to the amazing song: Chasing

Pablo Ray is an Upcoming Artist from Kolkata, India. He is a Rapper/Singer who excels in songwriting both in English and Hindi (Indian). In his home town rapping isn’t yet a big thing so it is his mission to promote rap by coming up into the Industry and representing his City. He is known mostly for his flow and Lyricism diving into Classic Boom Bap, Melodic, RnB, Pop and such mainstream genres and even niche genres like Drill. He is extremely Versatile and definitely a rapper to look out for in the Future.

The song is about a person dealing with a recent breakup. The person is unable to get over it and presents to us the problems he is facing and how he is stuck up on the woman in question. He blames the woman in the first half while in the second half he accepts that he himself is also a needy person and appreciates the woman for everything she has provided to him and their experiences, meanwhile it also shines a ray of hope that the relationship might be reformed.

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