From Spotify Artist AGL Listen to the amazing song: BATEAU

AGL, whose real name is Angel Montfort, is a rising star in the universe of French rap, R&B, and hip-hop. Hailing from the South of France, AGL stands out with a unique musical style, blending the authenticity of his roots with international influences.

From a very young age, AGL has shown bold passion for music, exploring various genres and eventually creating his own distinctive sound that is beginning to resonate with an increasingly broad audience.

AGL has already produced notable tracks such as “ÉCHÉANCE”, “Toute la Night”, and “Hédoné”. Despite the early stage of his career, these pieces showcase his incredible musical talent, captivating listeners with their catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Beyond his artistic talent, AGL is also recognized for his commitment to causes close to his heart. His authenticity and sincerity are reflected in his music and actions, adding to his charisma as an emerging artist.

AGL is truly a force to be reckoned with in contemporary French music. With his boundless energy and audacious creativity, he continues to innovate and captivate his audience with each new track.

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