From Spotify Artist Mink Listen to the amazing song: PAPI

Mink is a Tech House DJ/Producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. With a passion for crafting house music and an undeniable talent for commanding dancefloors, Mink has become a known name in the local club and festival circuit. Mink draws inspiration from the pioneers who have shaped the Tech House landscape, and his music bears the hallmarks of his influences.

The dynamic energy and seamless blending of genres found in the works of Marco Carola, Mason Collective, and Jamie Jones have fueled Mink’s creative fire, driving him to push boundaries and forge his own unique path. After a couple releases, Mink found his true passion for blending tech house with infectious Latin vibes, creating a unique and electrifying fusion on the dancefloor. His newest release named ‘Papi’ is perfect for people that love Tech House music with Latin vocals.

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