Cece, Mother of Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Dria, Releases New Single

17 July 2023 – Nashville, TN – Cece, the mother of talented Nashville-based singer-songwriter Dria, has announced the release of her first single, “Enough,” on Apple Music and Spotify.  A powerful track, “Enough” is a song with strong lyrics that will resonate with anyone feeling isolated, suffocated, or trapped in life.

A common feeling, “Enough” encourages listeners to break free while also touching on human fragility, emotionality, and mentality.  Written over three years during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Enough” was inspired by Cece’s own periods of reflecting on personal struggles while sitting on the beaches of Deerfield, Florida. The song was written as an anthem for people hoping to find confidence, project peace, and feel liberated. In this way, “Enough” speaks directly to the importance of finding one’s identity, embracing who you are, appreciating how you look and feel, and respecting yourself in life. It is a powerful message that Cece has shared with her daughters over the years, including Dria.  Cece was excited to collaborate with her daughter, acclaimed singer-songwriter Dria, on this project.

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Dria has long supported and encouraged her mother’s passion for writing lyrics, songs, and poetry, and Cece has often viewed her daughter as a personal hero for her unconditional love on the journey. After years of her mother lending song titles and lyric ideas to her work, Dria was excited to return the favor and lend her vocals to her mother’s new single. Dria’s unique and dynamic voice is the same one that brought her critical acclaim when she was on the road opening for artists such as Jake Owens, Blake Shelton, Lee Brice, Chris Jensen, Chris Young, Brett Eldredge, and Dylan Scott. It brings “Enough” and its message of confidence and liberation to life for listeners around the world.  “Enough” is now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, and quickly climbing the charts in the United States and internationally. Cece is also excited to announce that two additional singles are in the work and coming soon. Listen to “Enough” today on Apple Music or Spotify.

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