From Spotify Artist Mila V Listen to the amazing song: Loving You

Mila V, an enchanting musical duo with a distinctive sound, combines Mila’s powerful vocals and Richard’s impeccable songwriting and musicianship. Amid the challenging era of COVID-19, fate brought them together, sparking a journey to transform Richard’s songs into reality. Their shared affection and fervor for music unveiled their aspiration to share their musical creations with the world. Their music seamlessly blends a variety of genres, including Pop, House, R&B, and Soul.

Mila V’s lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, and they have a way of touching the hearts of their listeners. They write and perform music that speaks to the human experience, exploring themes of love, loss, and personal growth in a way that is both relatable and deeply personal. With each track, they promise to deliver a vibrant and distinctive musical experience to their listeners.

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